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Posted by Natasha Potter | May 25, 2018 | Hiking Trails, Table Mountain
Woody Ravine Hiking Trail


3 – 4 hours



Moderate - Difficult



Out & Back



7,6 km

Oh, how I love this trail! Just the right amount of challenging, plenty of shade, countless spots to stop for a breather along the way, and a great opportunity to get down and dirty. Woody Ravine is bound to catapult you into another world.

Towering over Camps Bay and with epic views of the Atlantic seaboard and Lion’s Head, you can find Woody Ravine snuggled between the more popular Kasteelspoort hike and Slangholie Ravine. It is more stable than Corridor Ravine and a whole lot less crowded that Kasteelspoort or Lion’s Head, making it a dream for avid hikers who prefer the quieter trails. Be warned though that although it is not the most difficult hike in the world, it will require a fair level of fitness for you to truly enjoy the experience.


As with all hikes on the Twelve-apostles side of the mountain, you have two options for getting to the start of the trail:

  1. Start at Kloof Nek and walk along the Pipe Track for about 40 minutes. This is the slower option but it’s great for drinking in some views while warming up your ankles.
  2. Start at the top of Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay (parking can be a pain here, so head through as early as possible). Follow the fairly steep jeep track for about 20 minutes, leading you onto the Pipe Track. Make sure to stick right. Once you reach the Pipe Track, you will continue heading right, past the old stone water pump house, and on to the start of Woody Ravine. You will find a sign indicating the start of the trail.


Woody Ravine starts off steep, and mostly stays that way. Don’t worry though – there are rocks, branches, and tree roots to grab onto at any given time. Thankfully this makes the climb easier, more of a full body workout, and a lot more fun!

The path sticks to the left of the ravine as you make your way through dense trees and over rocks. The condition of the path varies. Some sections have well-maintained steps and other sections will require a bit of scrambling. Make sure that you can have both hands free for this one!

Eventually the path levels out a bit as it pushes you out of the trees and into the fynbos. You will now find yourself more in the centre of the ravine with impressive cliffs towering over you on both sides. Not too much longer and you will find yourself on the 12 Apostles path on top of Table Mountain.

Towards the top of Woody Ravine
Looking down Woody Ravine


Depending on your fitness levels, it should take you around 2 and a half hours to reach the top. Once at the top, there are plenty of options for exploration or relaxation. Choose from one of the many rocks to sit down on and reward yourself with some snacks. You can turn left towards Kasteelspoort and follow the trail past the old cable car station and then on to the Table Mountain Reservoirs and the Water Works Museum. Or you could opt to turn right when you summit Woody Ravine (heading in the direction of Hout Bay) and try to hunt down the famous Tranquility Cracks.

When you’re ready to call it a day, we recommend following the 12 Apostle path toward the front of the mountain and heading down Kasteelspoort or Diagonal. Happy hiking!

Proteas in full bloom


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