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Posted by Natasha | Oct 17, 2019 | Hiking Trails, Table Mountain
Kloof Corner Hike from Tafelberg Road


20-30 minutes






Out & Back



1,4 km

Welcome to Cape Town’s best kept secret: Kloof Corner. A great little pre-work workout that trumps the gym any day of the week. The ultimate sunset spot where friends gather to cheers the sun after another tough day in Africa.

The start of Kloof Corner Hike

How do you find this cosy little piece of heaven? Easy. Going up Tafelberg Road, park at the second parking lot on your left (it's after the first hairpin bend). Cross the road (after looking left, right, and left again) to the Kloof Nek Water Treatment Plant. Here you will find a sign marking the start of the trail.

The Parking Lot on Tafelberg Road
Start of Kloof Corner Hike

Going Up

Stairs on Kloof Corner Hike

The path starts off with a gradual incline. After a fairly straight section you will begin to zig-zag your way up the side of Table Mountain. Feel free to stop and turn around at any moment - not to go back down but to marvel at the views of Camps Bay, Lion's Head, and the city bowl below you.

After about 20-40 minutes of stairs, stairs, and more stairs - approximately 215, if you're counting - you will close in on your final destination.

All that’s left to do once you reach the top is turn right and go around the corner. Welcome to Kloof Corner! Do a quick calculation of wind direction to help you choose a good, sheltered spot and then go ahead and revel in Cape Town’s beauty.

View of Lions Head from Kloof Corner
View of Camps Bay

A Few Reminders

Even though Kloof Corner is a quick and easy hike, you still need to go equipped with everything you’ll need to make it a safe and enjoyable experience. This means plenty of water, good walking shoes, and the right clothing.

Table Mountain is notorious for its unpredictable weather so, even if it looks like a sunny day, take that jacket with you! If you’re going for sunrise or sunset (good choice!) make sure to take a torch or headlamp with you. Trust us, trying to navigate a trail in the dark is just no fun.

And lastly, this should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway: take your rubbish down with you! Let’s all work together to keep Table Mountain the absolute gem that it is.

Views from Kloof Corner
View of Lion's Head

What's Next?

Looking for something a little more adventurous? Check out India Venster. Have an entire day to play on the mountain? You can follow the contour path along the face of Table Mountain from Kloof Corner all the way to Devil’s Peak on the Eastern side. Happy hiking!

Contour Path along the face of Table Mountain
Sunset from Kloof Corner

Vida on Sep 24, 2021

Morning, I want to know if there is a link up from the top of Kloof Corner to the top of Tablemountain. It seems there is via Kloof Corner Ridge but is that very challenging? And how long would that take for medium fitness hikers? Thanks, Vida


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